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Serving the area for over 20 years / Licensed & Insured in Iowa & Nebraska

My freezer had a thermostat out - I called 3 potential service providers, Dewey called back first and called in for parts right away.  Came out at 730 AM to fit into my work schedule and was very customer service oriented, easy to work with, and got the freezer up and running in a short turnaround time frame - Dew's Appliance Service is top notch and high on my call back list if I need help with appliances.  Thanks Dewey!


My washer is 12 years old and stopped working.  It had a code on the display.  I called a few places that wanted to charge me to come out and "diagnose" my machine, but charge me for it.  I called Dews Appliance Service and he took down my model # and the code from the display and called me back a while later.  Turns out the code meant the display board needed to be replaced and when he called around, he found out the board was no longer available.  Instead of paying a service company for someone to come out to my house and tell me the same stuff, he helped me over the phone for free and saved me over $100!  I will definitely call this company again for service!  Thank you!!


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